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Where we are committed to providing customized learning experiences that nurture the curiosity and creativity of our students in order to drive life long learning.

Your MDE Librarian is here to support all students, families and teachers in accessing quality learning materials - both digital and print!

 Please contact your librarian if you need any support. 

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Destiny Discover


Digital Resources

If you need assistance, contact our librarian Sarah Veenhuyzen

MDE Summer Reading with Beanstack

Join the MDE Summer Reading Challenge!

From May 30 to August 14, MDE students are challenged to read 550 Minutes! That may seem like a lot, but it is only 50 minutes a week, or about 7 minutes a day! Record your reading on Beanstack, and you will be invited to our Summer Reading Popsicle Party when we return to school in August!

Recording your reading on Beanstack has other benefits too! Our school will be competing against other schools across the nation to win cool prizes from Beanstack! Top Readers will also have an opportunity to win prizes from Spring Branch ISD!

We will ONLY accept minutes recorded on Beanstack, so make sure you log your minutes everyday! 

Email Mrs. Veenhuyzen if you have any questions.

Looking for a Book?

Check out our catalog at Destiny Discover!

Birthday Books!

If you would like to participate for YOUR birthday while supporting our library, fill out the form HERE. Please return the completed form with your $20 donation to the library. You can pay with cash (please send exact change), check (made out to MDE), or with credit card at