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Save the date and join SBISD for a Dyslexia Simulation



Spring Branch ISD's Dyslexia Department is hosting two Dyslexia Simulation events in November. 

Families are invited to attend and learn about what it's like to have dyslexia or dysgraphia through a hands-on activity that mimics some of the challenges faced by those with language-based learning disabilities.

Following the simulations, there will be breakout sessions to discuss strategies for navigating these challenges. These events are perfect for families who want to learn more about dyslexia and how to support their loved ones who are living with it.

Please RSVP if you plan on attending one of these events. RSVP using the links provided in the event flyers below:

For more information on upcoming family learning opportunities, be sure to check out the SBISD calendar page or the SBSID Parent U series page. We look forward to seeing you in November! 

Visit the SBISD Dyslexia website for more information about student and parent services.